SMART automated mooring

SMART is an acronym for “Self Automated Mooring and Release Technology”

SMART is based on a self locking hook system which connects a quay side mooring line to vessel’s hull side within a few seconds. It is especially designed for short duration stops, such as small double ended ROPAX for river /fjord/canal crossings which usually waste energy during the stops by using their propulsion to maintain the vessel in position against the quay.
It establishes within a few seconds, a safe, multi tons (typically up to 30… ) mooring link between the vessel side and the quay.

SMART is operating automatically, without any crew or quay side personnel, driven by a video tracking system.

On the ship side, SMART has no impact on the passenger /payload spaces and can fit, typically, within one frame space, allowing an easy and cost effective implementation on existing vessels as a retrofit action.

On the terminal side, SMART can be easily implemented with a very limited footprint.

A single SMART mooring system located at midship , can maintain the vessel in position against the receiving quay and ramp.

Compared to other vacuum based solution, SMART does not require large areas on the ship side, without windows.

Due to its speed of operations, SMART can be used even during few minutes stops.

Combined with PLUG , SMART offer a very efficient automated Charging/Mooring solution for electric/hybrid vessels, even during a few minutes , reducing the required battery size, weight and cost…

Compared to other automated mooring solution, such as vacuum based ones, SMART relies on very simple and rugged technical solutions, with low maintenance costs, with furthermore, commonality of parts and functions with our PLUG automated shore power connection.

SMART ( Self Mooring And Release Technology)

See SMART Leaflet

SMART leaflet

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