ECOFLARE Gas Combustion Unit

Concept :

ECOFLARE is the result of an intense brainstorming to fully optimize the Boil Off Gas disposal function on board LNG fuelled, LNG bunkering and LNG carriers vessels.

Key objectives were :

  • Reduce parts numbers
  • Reduce number of decks
  • Reduce number of fans
  • Reduce installation time & cost
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Reduce installed and input power
  • Reduce noise

These objectives were met by :

  • Developing a low pressure drop burner distributing evenly the flame on the whole combustion chamber ;
  • Having a direct air flow path towards the burner without air ducts, non return valves , etc..
  • Having a fully metallic, double wall , air cooled combustion chamber ;
  • Providing fan redundancy by placing them in movable drawers.

From industrial point of View, NG3 teamed with the Eiffage Group flare division to manufacture and test these Gas Combustion Units.

All the key objectives were met beyond expectation offering a game changing flaring solution to the shipping industry :

  • Parts number reduced by half !
  • Number of decks reduced by One or two !
  • Number of fans reduced by half !
  • Installation time and cost reduced by half !
  • Maintenance reduced by half !
  • Installed power reduced by half !
  • Noise reduced to 80 dbA !

As a result, Chantiers de l’Atlantique placed an order for the first LNG fuelled cruise vessels they are building for MSC, where space, weight and noise were key requirements…

Following this first success, NG3 , in cooperation with, his partner ,the flare division of the Eiffage Group, is developing the concept towards LNG bunkering vessels (with, typically, a 500 to 1000 kg/h capability) and LNGC (with, typically a 3000 kg/h capability).

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